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Youth Services

The Division of Youth Services (DYS) administers probation, aftercare services and institutional programs for juveniles who have been adjudged delinquent in Mississippi Youth Courts or are at risk of becoming delinquent. DYS provides professional counseling, probation, supervision and related services to children in their home communities, as well as education, rehabilitation and treatment services to children committed to institutional care.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Division of Youth Services is to provide leadership for change to youth, families and communities in Mississippi. It operates by creating legitimate, alternative pathways to adulthood through equal access to services that are least intrusive, culturally sensitive and consistent with the highest professional standards.

The vision is that every child will experience success in caring families and nurturing communities that cherish and teach them to value family and community. This is guided by the fact that decisions and actions affecting children today determine the quality of their lives tomorrow. According to social learning theory, the closer the treatment provided is to the environment in which the youth normally functions, the more effective the treatment will be. DYS is dedicated to bringing treatment closer to the environment and the family. 

Program areas include:



For further information or assistance contact:

Division of Youth Services
601-359-4972 | 866-312-7215

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