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Social Capital

Social capital is a key success factor of the two-generation approach. Many years of research has shown that social capital manifests as peer support; contact with family, friends, and neighbors; participation in community and faith- based organizations; school and workplace contacts; leadership and empowerment programs; use of case managers or career coaches; social networks, such as cohort models and learning communities; and mental health services. Such support appears to be a powerful component in programs that help move families beyond poverty. Social capital builds on the strength and resilience of families, bolstering the aspirations parents have for their children and for themselves.

How MDHS is applying the gen+ approach

MDHS has partnered with Families First For Mississippi. Families First For Mississippi's core services work to stimulate employment, support family financial stability, promote literacy, and increase graduation rates while continuing to support positive youth development, impacting teen pregnancy rates, promoting positive father involvement and supporting Department of Human Services County Offices through parenting education and parenting skills development. Healthy Homes Mississippi is a Prevention program that works to improve the safety of children while providing support to the family. HHM links families to community services, provides child development, nutrition, and safety education; assists with financial planning; provides parenting information, and provides emotional support & encouragement.

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