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License Suspension Program

The License Suspension Program is a federally mandated program to suspend individual licenses fro non-payment of child support.

What licenses can be suspended?

          • Any occupation and/or professional license regulated by the state of Mississippi
          • Business licenses
          • Alcoholic Beverages licenses
          • Driver's licenses
          • Hunting/Fishing licenses
        • License Suspension Process

          Once a noncustodial parent has become two (2) months behind in making child support payments, the delinquent parent will then be subject to the License Suspension Program procedure.

              • Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) runs a database search to match a list of delinquent parents to a list of licensees.
              • MDHS then sends a notice to the licensees that have meet the criteria.
              • The delinquent parents then have 90 days to pay the arrears or the work out a payment plan.
            • NOTE: A stipulated payment plan must be submitted to court for approval


          • If the delinquent parent does nothing or can not reach an agreed payment schedule within the 90 day period, then a notice is sent to the license agency to suspend the license.
    • NOTE: A suspended license may be reinstated if the payments are made or a payment plan is agreed upon. Failure to pay under the agreement will result in immediate license suspension. Additionally, a judge may order license suspension in any contempt proceeding for failure to pay child support. Also note that any licensed attorney may apply through MDHS for license information in a non-MDHS case.

Due Process

A licensee may request a review by MDHS on issues of correct personal identification and the state of delinquency. License suspensions may be appealed to the Chancery Court.

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