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In order to be eligible for child care services, a child must be under the age of 13 (or under age 19 and physically or mentally unable of caring for him or herself). The parent must fall within of the following Eligibility Guidelines by Priority Group:

Eligibility Guidelines by Priority Group

Priority I: Referred Clients -

Referred Clients include parents served by TANF, TCC, Foster or Protective Services, Healthy Homes Mississippi, or Homeless agencies. Eligibility for child care services for referred clients is determined by the referring agency which may include the appropriate MDHS Division or DECCD-approved community partners. Referred clients must comply with all requirements as set forth by the referring agency, and failure to do so will result in termination of child care certificates.

Priority II: Special or At-Risk Populations -

These clients include children with special needs, single parents with special needs, and parents deployed in the MS National Guard or Reserve. Parents at this priority level are served up to 85% of the State Median Income.

Priority III: Very Low-Income, At Risk of Going on TANF -

These clients include teen parents as well as parents who are working or in an approved educational program. In order to qualify for full-time child care, the parent must be working at least twenty-five (25) hours per week, or be enrolled full-time in an approved educational program. Documentation must be provided on a case by case basis. In a two-parent family, each parent must be working at least twenty-five (25) hours per week, and/or enrolled in school full time. The family’s gross income must be at 50% or below the State Median Income. 

Priority IV: Low-income, at Risk of Going on TANF -

Based on the availability of funding, children of parent(s) in an approved full-time educational program and/or working the required twenty-five (25) hours per week whose income falls between 50% and 85% of the State Median Income.

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